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Bandon Isolated Alpha Fixed Income Fund (BANIX)

Unbiased, Unconstrained, Global Long | Short Debt

The Bandon Isolated Alpha Fixed Income Fund (BANIX) is a pioneering absolute return, unconstrained long/short debt strategy based on the idea that interest rate and credit risks are the primary contributors of return in fixed income funds.  As such, our unique approach is to manage these risk factors independently since the required skill sets for proficiency in each are often specific to individual investment management specialists.

Bandon seeks to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns through various market environments while maintaining a persistent lack of correlation to both equity and fixed income investments.  This objective is largely accomplished by establishing (1) for credit strategies, a pre-defined framework of potential exposures to directional and relative value strategies, and (2) for interest rate exposures, symmetrical bands for duration positioning via global sovereigns.

Further differentiating the Bandon approach is a distinct lack of credit beta in the portfolio.  Our belief is that investors looking for diversification in fixed income are commonly overexposed to lower quality debt, an asset class which tends to suffer when equity markets decline. This condition may result in amplified portfolio drawdowns during periods of market stress.

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